As in down under 220! As in down to almost all 18s! Yay!

Under 230!

Finally in the 220s! 229.4 with jeans today!

Sunday morning weightloss thoughts

I haven’t really lost any weight. STILL. I did weigh myself yesterday (237) without jeans and I’d lost a pound and a half. I put that on my tickers, because I needed some success, but it doesn’t feel like it really counts. I didn’t weigh myself today. Yet.

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m totally despairing. YET. I am noticing some changes in my body. My bones and muscles feel harder – that is, I can feel them in places I normally can’t. I especially notice on my shoulders and back. And I can reach places I couldn’t before on my back. My legs look a little slimmer to me. I can sit with my legs folded longer (and not have my feet fall asleep). My jaw line feels sharper. 

Plus I have more energy. I’m willing to do more things. I’m not always sleepy (unless I sit around a lot). I can walk further, survive water aerobics (and really look forward to it), make myself get up and do things or go places, even if there’s a lot of walking. 

Also, I feel more willing to do stuff around the house. I put away laundry this morning and didn’t mind at all. I went out and took care of chickens yesterday, and didn’t dread it. 

I think this whole thing is going to be so great! Not only will I feel better and look better, and get to wear cuter clothes (which, let’s face it, was my #1 reason for having surgery), but I may cure some of my laziness. 

Now, if I could find a way to enjoy grading essays, life would be great!

Go me!

Or even “go us!”

Today was the second water aerobics class. It was so much easier this time! I kept up the whole time. I did the pull ups and even held myself up for a while. I feel great (and tired and a little sore)!

So far, we’ve been to the gym every single day we’ve had a pass. 

I’ve walked over 20 miles (including what I walked outside of the gym).

I’ve done 120 minutes of water aerobics. 

I’ve lifted weights, done crunches, ridden the bike. 

For 7 days now, I’ve worked out as hard as I could every single day!

Go me!

Now, if only I could start losing weight again! It’s been a week at 239. I’m done with 239. I want to see 235, 230, 229! Come on scale, move already! Come on clothes, fit differently already. I’m working as hard as I can!

Guess who lost another 2 pounds!

I’m at 250 now. Exactly 100 lbs away from my goal! Woot!

Lost another 2 pounds!



It has been 1 week since I’ve eaten anything. 

I guess that’s not entirely true. I can have yogurt. That’s kind of like eating. And I can have strained soups – although that’s really more like drinking than eating. In fact, the only thing I have chewed at all is a calcium tab yesterday.

I’m doing well, I think. I’ve been out every day I’ve been home – Walmart, my parents’ house, the doctor. I don’t know what I’m going to do today, but tomorrow I’m going to try to go to work for a few minutes – just let my boss know what all is going on and have my sister and son help me unpack boxes (I’m a teacher and it’s almost time to put things back together for the new year – of course I can’t pick anything up over 10 pounds until well after the kids get back, so I’ll be relying on help for pretty much everything. Fun!) I don’t know how long I’ll last at work, but I’m excited to go. 

That has been the focus of my day so far, but it’s not pertinent to this blog, so changing gears:

I just stepped on the scale. I’m 12 pounds lighter than Sunday! I don’t actually believe that, really. Seems like a LOT. Seems a little unlikely and even scary. But I tried 2 scales and they both said the same. 

So, here’s what I have so far: 174 on my first visit. 167 by the time surgery came around. 168 at home a couple days after surgery (talk about discouraging!) 164 on Monday at the sleep place (a scale I’d stood on and so knew I’d lost weight) and now 156/155.8 on the two scales here at home. I definitely need to start an excel graph. I really like those! 🙂

Either way, I’m sure I’ve lost something! Maybe not 19lbs, but still some.

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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