I have stumbled onto something great!

Stuffed zucchini! I can’t believe I’ve never had this before. 

I found a recipe on Pinterest for cheese and bacon stuffed zucchini. Through various decisions and lack of good options, we ended up with ham and cheese (total 118 calories each). 

So, here’s all I did:

Cut the ends off 3 zucchini. Cut them in 1/2 lengthwise. 

Make some diagonal cuts to scoop out the insides. 

Cut up the insides. Mix with shredded cheese, lunch meat, some spices (I used onion spice and cayenne pepper).

Put the insides back in the zucchini.

Bake at 3:75 for 15 minutes or until everything is melty.


Everyone seemed to like them. The husband ate them. Teacup ate them. Teaspoon declared they were “god food” and he was going to “live for 1000 years”!


And I started to think. I could have ANYTHING in them!

Philly Cheese?



Mushroom and onion and pepper?

Feta and spinach?

Cheese burger?




I also made quinoa patties, which deserve a little spotlight as well. They were pretty fantastic.

Quinoa, bread crumbs, an egg, shredded cheese, broccoli and cheese steamer. Cook the quinoa and steamer. Mix. Sautee. Mine made 14 at about 56 calories each. 


Now neither has a HUGE amount of protein, but both were really rather healthy and super yummy, so I’m satisfied!


2 appointments yesterday. Here’s what I know now

  • My surgeon and nutritionist feel I’m “ahead of the game” on weight loss
  • 5-6 pounds a month for the next few months is a good goal
  • exercise every day will get me down very quickly per Dr. S
  • My goal is actually 130-140, but I’m still going to celebrate at 150.
  • I burn 1439 calories without exercise. to lose weight, I need to eat 500 fewer calories than I burn. So without exercise, I can have about 900-1000 calories. With exercise, I can have more.
  • a serving of fruit as an evening treat, along with nuts or other protein, is my new “no snacking on crap” plan
  • if I eat junk, I should limit it to 1 serving. calories count
  • 70 grams of protein still
  • recommendation from Dr S: join a class at the gym (I’m trying some zumba stuff at home while no one is looking. I miss water aerobics)
  • I am no longer having breathing troubles while I’m asleep! No apnea. I had 5 episodes an hour while on my back. Normal is 0-5. And that was 10 pounds ago!
  • in the next 3 months, my goal is to lose about 20 pounds. That will put me in the 150s!!! SO close to goal!

Next challenge: a therapy appointment next Thursday after work. I’m really not sure about/not sold on the therapist, so we’ll have to just see how it goes. I’m also nervous. Blah.

Reesee’s Cup Shake

Jay Robb Chocolate Protein Powder (Whey)

1c Skim Milk

A sprinkling of PB2

A Sprinkling of Cocoa

On the warpath

Today, I am LIVID. How exciting is that?

I’ll (maybe) come back and tell you all about it soon. For now, I’m going to teach really, really well. 

Photo Update



It’s been awhile. I really should probably do this more often since I feel like I’m so stuck. But anyway, here’s me in August and now!

Short Tempered

I am extremely short tempered today! It started yesterday at lunch. It was like a switch flipped and all the sudden I was angry. It’s frustrating. I went ahead and took my pill this morning, even though I’ve been enjoying the lack of side effects this weekend. Hopefully that will mellow me out. 

I do have new pens today. And I should get a present from L sometime really soon. And there’s the gym today, and J is coming over tomorrow. I should have her bring her baby, so our babies can play. Teacup is walking everywhere and likes other babies. 

Okay, since my blog is primarily about my stomach, here’s what I’m eating today:

B: Hot chocolate

S: Yogurt with granola

L: BBQ chicken and spaghetti squash (leftover from Ruby Tuesday’s the other night)

S: Peas and hummus

D:?? Whatever my mother-in-law makes OR leftover salad from Friday’s yesterday. It’s not that yummy, but it’s food. 


Grr. For now, I’m off. I have a REALLY annoying child I need to handle. 

I am NOT having a good day

My emotions are driving me nuts. I’m so down and I don’t know why. Stress is eating me alive. I’m hungry, but I just had yogurt. I don’t want to drink. I don’t want to work. I just want to sit on my couch and sleep and eat and play games. I need a good day. I need something wonderful to happen. 

I need a positive attitude, and it’s just not happening!

I hate the f-ing scale!

I just need to whine, because today I stepped on the scale and was back to 182/183. I was down at 180 a few days ago. I KNOW that it’s no big deal. I KNOW that it’s not the end of the world. I KNOW that I’ve lost 93 (or 92 or 91) pounds in 6 months. I KNOW that this is fine. 

But it affects my entire fucking day. See? It’s 7:30 and I’m already using the f-word.

I’m just tired. Not sleepy, but tired of counting calories and protein and feeling guilty when I miss the gym or have a handful of granola or a banana. I ate a banana. That’s where my guilt is coming from. 


Okay, my room is filled with kids. They all want to know what I’m writing, so I guess it’s time to stop. 



Today, I am Wonder Woman. I’m wearing my skinny, sleeveless black dress with pleather sides (sexier than it sounds) and my high-healed boots. I have pheromone perfume on my wrists. I had coffee in my protein shake this morning and jalapenos in my cheese at lunch. I’m a photographer, a teacher, a mom, and the girl brave enough to throw a sex toy party next month (don’t you all wish you could come??). I am taking no crap from anyone – this morning because I felt good; this afternoon because my feet and head hurt and I don’t have patience. 

I was whistled at in the hall today – by a kid. I had several students tell me how thin I looked. I’m having a kick-ass day. 

This is what I like to do

This is my food routine. I like when I stick to it. It’s comforting, fills me up, and makes me feel like I’ve done a good job.

Breakfast: protein shake. Lately I’ve been loving on some Svelte cappuccino shakes I buy for too much money apiece at Walmart. 

Snack (about an hour and a half after my shake): yogurt. I SHOULD eat the 100 calorie greek yogurts or even the 140 calorie ones that taste better, but I really, really enjoy the 170-190 calorie ones with chocolate or granola in them. 

Lunch: leftovers from the dinner before. Today it was salad. 

Snack: something high-protein when I get home. 

Dinner: something yummy I made up or cooked off Pinterest

Snack: leftovers or something else high protein

Hot drink to end the night. I really, really need to mix up some more hot chocolate, because I was loving that while I had it, but now it’s gone. 


My problem is that I do so well with the mornings when I’m at school. But then it all falls apart on weekends and breaks. 

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