Didn’t lose anything, but here’s a quote for you!

Not surprisingly, I didn’t lose weight yesterday. Actually, I guess I don’t know that for sure, because I didn’t weigh myself correctly. I didn’t really want to see that I hadn’t lost. 

I’m back on track now, though. I had a shake and am now eating yogurt like a good girl. 

And, completely unrelated to any of this, I had to save this quote somewhere, because it’s brilliant!

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Whoops – Bad Ava

I didn’t do well with food today. I decided early in the day that I wasn’t going to do well, and sure enough… I didn’t.

It was Teacup’s first birthday party. I was cooking and decorating from the moment I got up, so I didn’t do a shake or a healthy lunch. I did, however, eat little bits of cake and icing, pirouette cookies, crackers, meatballs, cheese, tortilla chips, an m&m or two, veggies and hummus… Some things that were okay and some that should really have been left alone. 

I actually don’t feel too bad about it. I know I’ll do better this week. I know it was just one day. I know I didn’t do anything that isn’t fixable. I know I won’t do it again anytime soon. 

I also know that once I have one tiny bite of something carby, I cannot control myself. And I know that I may very well pay for this in the morning. 

I really, really hope I don’t. 


19 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds! Holy shit!

So frustrated with my doctors!

Later, I’ll tell you about Thanksgiving and nearly dying and yesterday and being bad. But for today, I want to rant a little about my doctors and hospital. 


I just spent half an hour on the phone to basically learn that not 1 or 2 or even 3 but 4 different branches of the same company had fallen down on the job. Let me explain. 

I’ve told you about my beloved (gag) CPAP. Well, I’m trying like crazy to get off of it! And to do that, I was told I needed an overnight oximetry test. No big deal. But because of all the crap with American Home Patient (whose name I’m putting on here as a warning – DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!), I had to wait until my orders got switched to the new company. 

Well, as I think I’ve written about, it took a few weeks to get the records sent to the new company. (I should point out that the new company and my doctor ARE THE SAME COMPANY. Why they didn’t refer me to THEMSELVES to begin with, I’ll never know). Finally, with me driving an hour and all over the place, I managed to get it straight. I got my supplies. I waited for them to contact me about the oximetry test. 


I called. I was told that this particular company no longer does these tests – a fact that both my home health nurse and my doctor did not know, despite the fact that they’re all the same company. Because they no longer do the tests, they IGNORED the order. They didn’t even bother to tell anyone they couldn’t fulfill it. 

Whatever. The guy on the phone was very helpful. He called my doctor and had the order called in to another place. 

And I waited again. 

And waited. 

Today, I decided it was probably time for another call (since it’s been over 2 weeks). The doctor’s office still apparently had no knowledge of the fact that they no longer do the tests. They also had no record of ever referring me anywhere else*. 

*This isn’t exactly true, because they told me 3 different things. One person told me that they’d referred me to American Home Patient again (AGAIN, I SAY “RUN!”). Someone else had another company name.

In the end, I think we have that referral figured out. The nurse I spoke with said she’d send the order out again today. If I don’t hear from them tomorrow, I’m calling again. This is ridiculous. 

But wait! you say. That’s only a couple branches of the same company. You promised me 4!

Don’t worry. There’s more. 

My surgeon’s office ordered bloodwork done a week before my appointment – which was the 26th. I messed up a little and didn’t get there until the next day. That means exactly 2 weeks ago, I rushed to the hospital and back during my planning to have blood drawn. I could tell you all about how the hospital didn’t have the order and there was a big deal about getting a copy, but that seems like overkill. 

Anyway, fast forward to last Tuesday’s appointment. I hadn’t gotten an email with the lab results (which I normally do). The office told me that I hadn’t had them drawn (which I had). I had them double check. Nothing. I had my appointment. My doctor checked on the results. Nothing. It had been a week by this point. 

So we went home for break, and I waited patiently for them to be emailed to me or for my doctor to call with the results. 

Since I was already fighting with this company today, I decided to call my surgeon’s office and ask about the results. 

And you’ll never guess what they told me. 

THEY HAVE THEM. They have had them since 4 days before my appointment! They’re still not showing up online. They looked THREE times while I was there, but now the computer says they’ve been there all along. 

The best part? If I want to know the results, I’m going to have to drive an hour and go pick them up in person. And since my surgeon probably hasn’t seen them yet (or thought about them at all since I asked), I really should probably go get my results. 


ARG! Really???

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