Feeling pretty awesome!

So many people today told me I looked good. Actually, I’m really lucky, because our staff is great about that kind of thing. I work with about 60 people and I can pretty much count on someone to say something!

But today was different, because one of my KIDS said something. I teach 7th grade, so this is kind of a big deal. I mean, 7th graders live in little bubbles of ME. Not to say that they’re evil or inconsiderate (well, not ALWAYS), but they’re wired to think about themselves and their problems and their lives. They can’t help it. 

So, when D today announced that I looked like I was losing weight, I was THRILLED! 

When I answered, “Thanks! I am. I’ve lost 43 pounds” the kids that heard seemed pretty impressed. 

(I feel that now I should point out that we weren’t using class time for this discussion, but instead lining up for lunch and waiting on students in the bathroom and at lockers.)

So, continuing on the bragging and feeling awesome, I put on a swimsuit just a  little while ago. I have water aerobics AGAIN today. It’s a swimsuit I bought last year. I wore it a few times, but then stopped. The bottoms have a skirt attached. The top has sides that cinch. It’s really very cute and plenty long enough to cover my middle, even when it’s cinched. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I was buying the bottoms several sizes too small. 

Can you guess where this is going? Yup! They fit! But not only did they fit today, but they look pretty good!

My belly is s strange shape at the moment. I’m losing weight from different areas at different rates. Like right at my ribs, I’ve lost almost all of the fat. But just above my belly button – almost nothing. Under my belly button, though – that part between my hips is finally starting to go away. It’s not flat, but it’s much flattER. 

Finally I’m really excited about the 5k I’m doing next weekend! I finally signed up last night. I’ll post some pictures after definitely! It’s sure to be COLORFUL!


I don’t actually like acronyms, but this is exactly what I want to post about, so…

I had a wonderful moment today! A “non-scale-victory” if you will! I went to drop off some forms to a fellow teacher, and when I walked in, she (and the woman next to her), both noticed I looked thinner. Actually, what she said was, “Hello, Skinny-Mini!” And then they asked what I was doing. 

How awesome is that?? A good start to any Thursday!

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The amazing shrinking girl!


The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!