I need to get back on track

The holidays were rough for me. I ate quite a bit of stuff I shouldn’t have. I’m not terribly upset with myself, because I know it’s not the end of the world, but I was pretty bad. Whenever there was stuff out I shouldn’t eat, I still ate it. I was good and limited myself. I didn’t eat a whole lot of sweet, sweet stuff, but I did have tortilla chips, popcorn, stuffing, crackers, even some jelly bellies. 

And it became a habit. 

So now, I need to get back on track. 

To do this, I’ve set little goals. Eat a meal without going back for one more bite (even of veggies). No food not on my plan (stuck to that one today!) Record all food consumed. Go to the gym once, twice, three times. No carby food for a day, two, a week. My idea is to reward myself each time I reach a mini goal (once, three times, a whole week). That way I can’t do great for a week and ruin it all in one day. But I still have bigger successes to look forward to. 

See, I KNOW that if I stay away from bad food and eating constantly that I WON’T want those things. No chips or crackers means I won’t want chips or crackers. And if I “stay clean” for several days, I’ll have a lot more willpower to continue eating right afterwards. 

It’ll also help that the holidays are over, I’m going back to school, and I won’t be home with a million snacks and parties to tempt me. 

So far, I’ve done well. Today, I ate twice and had a protein shake. I didn’t eat anything not allowed and I took some calcium, iron, vitamins, and my happy pill. If I get in a b12 by bedtime and finish my drink+mirilax (my new daily routine) then I’ll consider myself successful for today. Part of me wants to eat a few bites of my taco casserole (2 kinds of beans, lean hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers), but I may not. After all, it’s nearly bedtime now. 

I’m feeling positive about all of this. Tomorrow’s lunch is packed. I have drinks and yogurt. I have a plan I can stick to. And tomorrow starts my gym routine again (3+times a week for an hour). I’m really pretty excited about that. And about starting to lose some weight again. 

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