Did you know?

I’ve lost 1/3 of the weight I need to lose to make my goal! How awesome is that??


I’m the shit!

Today, we went to water aerobics (to make up for skipping yesterday). It was a slightly harder class. Plus I used bigger weights and a bigger noodle. And we did the pull-up stuff longer. So in short, I worked harder.

But, since it was early, there was still plenty of day left when I got home. So after dinner, my husband and I took Teacup on a walk. We did 2 miles. We would have done more, but Teacup decided HE wanted to be the shit (literally) and so we had to come home to change a diaper. 

All of which leads to me to my next revelation: I want to walk a 5k! 

Now I just need to find one in cool weather!

Some milestones I can’t wait for!

* lose 50 pounds (224)

* get into the 100s 

* weigh 180 pounds – my high school/wedding weight

* wear pants under a size 20

* fit into the swimsuit I bought last year that’s too small

* buy new clothes

* wear regular sizes

* wear the clothes a friend gave me (10s and 12s)

* climb onto the boat by myself (I won’t know until next summer if I can do that)

* paint my toenails easily

* wear my wedding ring on my pointer finger

* comfortably ride a roller coaster

* go to the gym 15 times (4 more to go!)

* go to the gym 50 times

* be able to eat enough protein so I don’t have to do bars and shakes

* comfortably wear short necklaces

* get off the @(^#$!@ c-pap machine

* run for 5 minutes

* run for 10 minutes

* run for 20 minutes

*buy a bikini

*get rid of all of my clothes (except a few to compare)


I did it!

I’m over 40 pounds lighter than I was before! Hooray!

I have to post about this, even though I have a ton of work to do, because I’m hungry. Of course, I’m not ACTUALLY hungry. I’m head-hungry, which almost feels worse. I just want to eat something – something carby and junky. Candy or chips or bread. Mmmm.

So I need to focus on my progress, take a deep drink of this cold water, get some work done. And NOT eat all my vitamins just because I’m “hungry.”

So, let me give one last victory: yesterday I bought some size 20 pants AND THEY FIT! They’re a little tight – exactly like my 22/24 pants were a month ago. But I’m totally wearing them next week.

I also bought a couple XL shirts (that don’t look terrible) and an 18 swimsuit. I may even wear the swimsuit to the gym tonight for my water aerobics class (I skipped yesterday because of a headache). It’s in the wash (everything from a thrift store smells like a thrift store).

So, everything is going great!

I’ll leave you with a picture. This is me back in May (a couple months before surgery) and again yesterday. Definitely feeling the change!


6 Weeks since surgery 2

6 Weeks since surgery 2

40 pounds lighter!


6 weeks since surgery

6 weeks since surgery

I’m down 40 lbs


My plan

I’m a long-time member of a forum that’s not about weight loss. I did tell them about my surgery, because I wanted to find out about others’ experiences, but I haven’t mentioned it yet. 

But in 10 more pounds, I’m posting pictures before and after. I have a dress I took a picture in around my birthday and I hope it looks better on me now!

My fear is that I barely look different, even 40 or 50 pounds down. I mean I can see some difference, but I really have to look. It’s not like I’m suddenly “normal” sized. 

I know they’ll all say nice things, because they’re great people. And I’m really excited to post it because 50 pounds is an awesome milestone! 

I just hope I look really different when I take that picture!

A letter to the nutritionist

I go to the gym at least 5 times a week (M-F). Mondays and Wednesdays I do an hour of water aerobics. The other days I do about half an hour on the treadmill (just walking about 3 mph) and some weights. Usually I’m there for about an hour. If I don’t do the gym, I almost always walk at least a mile in my neighborhood. So I’m exercising a lot more than I used to! At some point, I’d like to work harder; I’m just not completely sure what to do.

Regarding feeling satisfied, I don’t really know. Some days, I feel like I pretty much eat protein bars/shakes/vitamins and not much else, then all of the calories are gone. I guess I don’t really feel hungry, but I also never really feel full. I think maybe twice I’ve eaten too much and wished I hadn’t, but those are the only times I really feel anything. 
As for food, here’s what I’ve had this week. 
Breakfast:1/2 Quest protein bar
Lunch: 1/3 of the insides (no bread/sauce) of a Wendys’ grilled chicken sandwich (chicken, tomato, lettuce) with some ranch dressing
Dinner: light egg salad (egg, light mayo, mustard), lettuce, Black bean crunchers (all adding up to about 1/4 cup)
vitamins, water, sunflower seeds (only about 20 seeds because I wanted something salty)
27g protein (way too low), 420 calories
Breakfast:1/2 Quest protein bar
Lunch: LifeChoice protein bar
Dinner: Chicken breast (grilled), mushrooms, green beans, light mozzarella cheese, Caesar salad (mostly chicken and lettuce – total 1/4 cup)
vitamins, water
43g protein, 463 calories
Breakfast: 1/2 Lifechoice protein bar
Lunch: Lifechoice protein bar
Dinner: Chicken breast (grilled), mushrooms, green beans, light mozzarella cheese, Caesar salad (mostly chicken and lettuce – total 1/4 cup)
vitamins, water, 1/3 serving hummus chips (40 calories/a little protein) 
44g protein, 550 calories
Breakfast: Lifechoice protein bar
Lunch: Chicken breast (grilled), mushrooms, green beans, (mostly chicken  – total 1/4 cup)
Dinner plans: Cheddar cheese, fat free refried beans, light sour cream, Mexican seasoning, maybe a little salsa, possibly some hummus chips so they taste like nachos. It’ll be 1/4 cup and mostly beans. 
29g protein + dinner, 332 calories + dinner
Those are pretty typical days. I was doing a shake every day (with milk or soy or almond milk), but I got SO sick of it. The protein bars seem to have about the same sugar/calories/protein, plus I get to chew them. The only thing I’m wishing I could have more of is salty stuff. Everything seems to be sweet vitamins/protein and bland chicken. Red meat still isn’t okay with my stomach and I don’t really eat fish, so chicken and beans it is!
Also, should I be eating more calories when I go to the gym, or still eat the same and just plan on working out every day? I know Myfitnesspal (app) exaggerates how many calories you burn, but there are days when it tells me my net calories are 200 or so! If that’s okay, then I’m okay with it, but I want to make sure I’m getting enough so I still lose weight. 
And I did get the iron problem sorted out (I think). What I was taking only had 27mg of iron, so I found another supplement. 
Thanks so much!

Could be real h…

Could be real hunger but most likely it is head hunger. I’ve been able to tackle mine mostly by determining if any food will work or a specific food. I don’t remember who initially posted that but for me it works perfectly. If I want a specific food I’m looking to fill a need that isn’t true hunger.

Drink some water or a shake and quiet the noise.

How brilliant is this!

By Cajungirl


Chip/Cracker idea

A mound of cheddar (or whatever kind of cheese) on parchment paper. Bake until the edges start to turn brown. Let cool – voila! Chips!

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