2 appointments yesterday. Here’s what I know now

  • My surgeon and nutritionist feel I’m “ahead of the game” on weight loss
  • 5-6 pounds a month for the next few months is a good goal
  • exercise every day will get me down very quickly per Dr. S
  • My goal is actually 130-140, but I’m still going to celebrate at 150.
  • I burn 1439 calories without exercise. to lose weight, I need to eat 500 fewer calories than I burn. So without exercise, I can have about 900-1000 calories. With exercise, I can have more.
  • a serving of fruit as an evening treat, along with nuts or other protein, is my new “no snacking on crap” plan
  • if I eat junk, I should limit it to 1 serving. calories count
  • 70 grams of protein still
  • recommendation from Dr S: join a class at the gym (I’m trying some zumba stuff at home while no one is looking. I miss water aerobics)
  • I am no longer having breathing troubles while I’m asleep! No apnea. I had 5 episodes an hour while on my back. Normal is 0-5. And that was 10 pounds ago!
  • in the next 3 months, my goal is to lose about 20 pounds. That will put me in the 150s!!! SO close to goal!

Next challenge: a therapy appointment next Thursday after work. I’m really not sure about/not sold on the therapist, so we’ll have to just see how it goes. I’m also nervous. Blah.

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The amazing shrinking girl!


The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!