ONE Pound! ONE!

I have one more pound to lose before I’ve lost ONE HUNDRED POUNDS! ONE!

The one good thing about being sick

I lost another pound yesterday eating only a few crackers, a yogurt, and a little chicken soup. So… that’s good!


19 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds! Holy shit!

34 inches

This is arbitrary and silly, BUT if I add together all of the inches I’ve lost from my waist, hips, ribs, ankle, calf, thigh, arm, neck, and wrist, it’s 34 inches!

Of course, that’s 1 of each limb…

A better number would be something like, I lost 6.5 inches off my belly. Or 9 inches off my boobs (sigh). Or 6.1 inches off my hips. Or 4 inches off my thigh!

Or I could say, I’ve lost 4 pants sizes (going on 5!)

Or I could say, I’ve lost 3 shirt sizes. 

Or I could say, I’ve lost almost HALF of my goal. 

So, I’m shrinking. 

Slowly leaving size 18 for some 16s!




As in down under 220! As in down to almost all 18s! Yay!

Hey guys?

I bought a pair of 18Ws and they were LOOSE! Even on my bloated, crampy, unhappy self!


Side View – 51 pounds down

Side View - 51 pounds down


Front view – 51 pounds down!

Front view - 51 pounds down!



I hate it. 

But I hate it a little less this morning. All week I’ve been fluctuating between 225.4 and 226.4. Today, I’m 225.2. Maybe we’re heading in the right direction now!

Of course, any day now I start my period. Then I’ll stall again. I may not even weigh myself that week. 

I probably will. 

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The amazing shrinking girl!


The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!