Go me!

Or even “go us!”

Today was the second water aerobics class. It was so much easier this time! I kept up the whole time. I did the pull ups and even held myself up for a while. I feel great (and tired and a little sore)!

So far, we’ve been to the gym every single day we’ve had a pass. 

I’ve walked over 20 miles (including what I walked outside of the gym).

I’ve done 120 minutes of water aerobics. 

I’ve lifted weights, done crunches, ridden the bike. 

For 7 days now, I’ve worked out as hard as I could every single day!

Go me!

Now, if only I could start losing weight again! It’s been a week at 239. I’m done with 239. I want to see 235, 230, 229! Come on scale, move already! Come on clothes, fit differently already. I’m working as hard as I can!

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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