SO BUSY – and yet…

So, I’ve been super busy, which is good, because I don’t seem to do well when there’s downtime. Still, I’m ready for Spring Break and some planned downtime. Snowdays? Not so much. 

Anyway, the biggest update is that I went to a therapist last week. I don’t feel like it went very well. I didn’t care for her. We didn’t click. I found her hard to understand. And even though she was nice, I just didn’t feel like I could really tell her things. I’ll probably give her another chance just because I’m too chicken to call and cancel. Then again… I may not. 

She harped on me being depressed the whole time I was there. I was depressed. I was hormonal and frustrated, sad about my best friend moving, upset that I’d stalled… again. But I wasn’t there for that. That really isn’t so much of an issue. What I need it motivation to stay on track. That was something I got the feeling she didn’t know how to offer. Her suggestions weren’t good (and there weren’t really many of them) Mostly she said, “you need to figure out how to be motivated.” No kidding! Help me with that! That’s why you were recommended!

Anyway, thinking about that day and about having to go back makes me sick. I really think I need to find another place to go. Or I need to just not go at all. In some ways, I feel worse now than I did before I made the appointments. 

I am handling the depression issue better though. I have some things to look forward to that aren’t weight related. For one, I have a party this weekend. The weather has finally started warming up. I have some summer plans – the park, the pool, leaning up the yard. Probably a theme park or two now that TeaCup is a little older and I’m thin enough to ride a few things. 

And yes, I’m still absolutely down and out depressed that my friend is moving. I won’t get to see her. But I’ll probably survive. And maybe she won’t stay away that long. Hopefully. 

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