Some good things about my day (and one concern)

Let’s get the concern out of the way first. I am DIZZY. When I stand up, when I sit, when I walk… I’m so dizzy I feel like I’m going to fall down. NOT fun at all! I emailed the doctor and sought advice online. We’ll see. 

Now the good. 

Today, I was complimented up and down all day! It felt SO good. One of my students told me I looked like a person from Paris. When I asked if that meant I looked stylish, he gave a very enthusiastic yes. I guess my new thick bangs, my scarf, and my ruffly sleeves make me look like a model! 😉

Also, J, who frequently says I look great, went on and on about it today. That felt good. And the school nurse, who I saw in the hall and later went to when I was dizzy, just kept saying “Wow! You look so great!”

Part of me is the tinsiest bit hurt when people say that, because I know it implies that I looked REALLY BAD 6 months ago. But really, I really like hearing how great I look. A lot of times, when I get focused on the fact that the scale hasn’t moved in days or my shirts all seem a little tight just above my pants, I don’t see it. I see the flabby arms, the fact that my neck now looks a little old, the fact that there’s still fat above my belly button and that my skin is awfully loose at the bottom of my stomach. But really, I AM looking good. I mean, 6 months ago I weighed EIGHTY-FIVE pounds more than I do now! I could never go to the gym for an hour. I got winded on the way to my classroom in the morning. I was a size 24. I had over 100 pounds to lose. 6 Months ago, I was going to be fat forever. 

But now? The gym is only exhausting because it means leaving the house on a cold day. I can walk for pretty much as long as I want. I can go back and forth between my car and classroom with all of my heavy stuff and still carry on a conversation. I own and wear 2 pairs of size 14 pants (and feel a little small for some of my 16s!) I’ve lost inches – and not just 1 or 2, but 8 or 10! I’m within 40 pounds of being where I set my high goal. In 38 more pounds, I will feel like I’m a “normal” sized adult. I’ll feel like I could tell people my weight. 

And then??

Everything I lose after that will be like a present. I don’t know if it will happen this way, but I imagine that the scale will look different after 150. I imagine not stressing if I don’t lose weight, but being thrilled if I do!

And clothes? If I could get down another full size, I’d have SO many clothes. I mean a HUGE closet-full. My best friend’s mother gave me bags upon bags of clothes. I sorted out what I liked and it was a ton. She has excellent taste and cute, cute clothes. I’ll have so many cute pants and dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts… Add that to the ones my best friend gave me and I’ll be set for life. It’ll be like the world’s best shopping trip!

Just one more good size. Maybe 1 1/2!

What is that – 20 pounds? I bet I can get there by March. Maybe even sooner. 

Tonight, we’re eating chicken with avocado tzitziki sauce. So I guess I better go home and make that. And some asparagus. And possibly pasta for the others. 

And then the gym – treadmill and weights. 

Then, if all goes well, an hour or 2 of Minecraft and Dexter, half an hour of reading, and then one more early morning before it’s the weekend again. 

I’m pretty psyched, I have to admit.

One month

One month


In 3 weeks!

In 3 weeks!

I could not find the first half of this photo because I was looking in the September file. But no, this was THIS month! Only 3 weeks of time, but what a difference!



As in down under 220! As in down to almost all 18s! Yay!

Hey guys?

I bought a pair of 18Ws and they were LOOSE! Even on my bloated, crampy, unhappy self!


Woo Hoo! Shopping is AWESOME!

Because now, I shop in the REGULAR SIZED SECTION!

I bought some size 18 jeans and pants and a large shirt and it all fits!

I feel awesome! It’s been a good week for that.

Ooh! Look at me!

(you have to click on the long ones to see the last couple pictures. )Image




This is the one I’m most excited about.

Well, that AND I put on some size 18 pants! And they FIT! In fact, they were plenty loose!

I also bought a shirt labeled size 12 (M). And it fits! I know it’s big for its size, but I’m going to count it anyway!

Clothing Issues

I don’t feel like I’ve lost enough wight to justify a whole new wardrobe yet. Afterall, I’m only down a size and a bit. But, I’m having clothing issues. For example, this morning, I put on this:


And it looks awful. I wish it looked like this:


Only maybe not as blurry!

Instead, my solution was this:


I’m okay with this for today. But it’s getting silly. I’m wearing a belt on my pants and a belt on my shirt. That just seems strange since I’ve never worn a belt either place until recently.

I guess I need to find some clothing hacks and ideas. I’m not much of a seamstress or I’d take everything in. And I don’t have the money to buy everything new. So I need ideas.

Any good ones?

I did it!

I’m over 40 pounds lighter than I was before! Hooray!

I have to post about this, even though I have a ton of work to do, because I’m hungry. Of course, I’m not ACTUALLY hungry. I’m head-hungry, which almost feels worse. I just want to eat something – something carby and junky. Candy or chips or bread. Mmmm.

So I need to focus on my progress, take a deep drink of this cold water, get some work done. And NOT eat all my vitamins just because I’m “hungry.”

So, let me give one last victory: yesterday I bought some size 20 pants AND THEY FIT! They’re a little tight – exactly like my 22/24 pants were a month ago. But I’m totally wearing them next week.

I also bought a couple XL shirts (that don’t look terrible) and an 18 swimsuit. I may even wear the swimsuit to the gym tonight for my water aerobics class (I skipped yesterday because of a headache). It’s in the wash (everything from a thrift store smells like a thrift store).

So, everything is going great!

I’ll leave you with a picture. This is me back in May (a couple months before surgery) and again yesterday. Definitely feeling the change!


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The amazing shrinking girl!

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