34 inches

This is arbitrary and silly, BUT if I add together all of the inches I’ve lost from my waist, hips, ribs, ankle, calf, thigh, arm, neck, and wrist, it’s 34 inches!

Of course, that’s 1 of each limb…

A better number would be something like, I lost 6.5 inches off my belly. Or 9 inches off my boobs (sigh). Or 6.1 inches off my hips. Or 4 inches off my thigh!

Or I could say, I’ve lost 4 pants sizes (going on 5!)

Or I could say, I’ve lost 3 shirt sizes. 

Or I could say, I’ve lost almost HALF of my goal. 

So, I’m shrinking. 

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The amazing shrinking girl!


The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!