Just wanted you all to know that! I did a sparkley, color-filled 5k today! I planned on walking the whole thing, but my “buddy” talked me into running some of it. And I didn’t die!

Pictures to come!

Oh my!

Tomorrow I do a 5k! What was I thinking??

Actually, as nervous as I am, I’m also really excited!


Am I thinking about doing this?? MAYBE!

I’ve been looking into simple, super beginner, lazy running programs. The couch to 5k one is popular, but it has a lot of running on the first day! And I KNOW from experience that I don’t run. At all.

So, now I’m looking at Learn to Run on Running World. Much better, so far. Here’s their plan:

Mark three months on your calendar and schedule a running workout three times per week, every other day (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday).

Commit to thirty minutes. No more, no less.

Warm up five minutes. Start every running workout with five minutes of walking to prepare your body for the demands of running. Start out at an easy effort and progress to a purposeful walking pace by the end of the five minutes.

Run and walk by your body. Alternate running until you hear your breath, and walking until you catch your breath for a total of 20 minutes. No formulas or intervals—run by your body and breath. If you’re like me, you may start out with 15 to 20 seconds of running and 2 to 3 minutes of walking until you catch your breath. No worries. That may be where your body is at fitness-wise right now. Go with it, tune into your body, and avoid pushing to go longer.

The next workout may be close to the same as well. But a few weeks down the road, that 15 seconds will grow to 30 or 45 seconds or even a minute, and the time it takes to catch your breath will drop. That’s when it starts to get fun, because you feel the difference as you go.

Stick with 20 minutes. Keep the total time of the running portion of the workout to 20 minutes until you build up to running 20 minutes total. That is, maintain the total time of the workout and allow your body time to adapt to the demands of running until you go farther. You’ll recover faster, enjoy the workout a lot more, and progress to running more efficiently. It may take you several months to run 20 minutes, but once you’re there, you’ll be able to add on more time. (25, 30, 35 minutes…)

Finish happy. Let’s face it: If it hurts, the chance of us repeating the activity again are slim to none. When you stick with a plan that is based on your body and avoid pushing for a certain time or pace, you end up finishing happy. And when you’re happy, you want to do it again and again. Running happiness leads to consistency and develops into habit.

Be the tortoise, not the hare. Keep your running effort easy – this will become habit over time. In other words, don’t try to break the world record out there, keep it easy and one step above your fastest walking pace.

Finish with a five-minute cooldown. Invest five minutes to cooling down and gradually bringing your body back to its resting state. Like the warmup, it bridges the gap between running and reality and aids in the recovery process.

Run to infinity and beyond! As the weeks go by, you’ll notice being able to run longer and cover more distance. Eventually you’ll be able to run all twenty minutes! When that day comes, give yourself a high five, and begin to progress your running time by adding five minutes to your workout every 2-3 weeks. For instance, running 25 minutes three times per week for 2-3 weeks and then progressing to 30 minutes. You can also add five minutes to one or two of the workouts per week and take your time as you progress.

Tune into your body along the way. It’s the best coach you’ll ever have.

Happy Trails.

That sounds more reasonable. The only thing is, when would I do it? I already do water aerobics twice or three times a week. I wonder if Tuesday/Thursday would be enough to commit…

Here’s a chart with an interesting plan.


Here’s another plan for those who feel that C25k is a bit quick to start:

8 Week Conditioning Program (for those who need a little more fitness before the half or full marathon training program begins)

Note: if you need several weeks at each run/walk ratio level, take it. This pre-conditioning training should not be stressful or painful. When in doubt, ease off.

  • Week 1 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 5 seconds/walk for 55 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 10 min run/walk
    Tues: 15 min walk
    Wed: 13 min run/walk
    Thurs: 18 min walk
    Fri: off
    Sat: 1 mile run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 2 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 5 seconds/walk for 55 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 15 min run/walk
    Tues: 20 min walk
    Wed: 17 min run/walk
    Thurs: 22 min walk
    Fri: off
    Sat: 1.25 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 3 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 10 seconds/walk for 50 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 19 min run/walk
    Tues: 24 min walk
    Wed: 21 min run/walk
    Thurs: 26 min walk
    Fri: off
    Sat: 1.5 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 4 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for10 seconds/walk for 50 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 23 min run/walk
    Tues: Walk 28 min
    Wed: 25 min run/walk
    Thurs: Walk 30 min
    Fri: off
    Sat: 1.75 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 5 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 10 seconds/walk for 50 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 27 min run/walk
    Tues: Walk 30 min
    Wed: 29 min run/walk
    Thurs: Walk 30 min
    Fri: off
    Sat: 2 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 6 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 15 seconds/walk for 45 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 30 min run/walk
    Tues: Walk 30 min
    Wed: 30 min run/walk
    Thurs: Walk 30 min
    Fri: off
    Sat: 2.25 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 7 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 15 seconds/walk for 45 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 30 min run/walk
    Tues: walk 30 min
    Wed: 30 min run/walk
    Thurs: Walk 30 min
    Fri: off
    Sat: 2.5 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk
  • Week 8 (walkers will walk only, runners will run for 15 seconds/walk for 45 seconds on the run/walk days)
    Mon: 30 min run/walk
    Tues: walk 30 min
    Wed: 30 min run/walk
    Thurs: Walk 30 min
    Fri: off
    Sat: 2.75 mi run/walk
    Sun: off/walk

I think I could manage that one as well! And with that one, I could probably add it to whatever else I was going to do that day anyway.

Anywho, today is aerobics day and it’s pouring out! Probably not running today!

I need to get home and have some protein before class. And kiss my boys. I miss them today!

I’m the shit!

Today, we went to water aerobics (to make up for skipping yesterday). It was a slightly harder class. Plus I used bigger weights and a bigger noodle. And we did the pull-up stuff longer. So in short, I worked harder.

But, since it was early, there was still plenty of day left when I got home. So after dinner, my husband and I took Teacup on a walk. We did 2 miles. We would have done more, but Teacup decided HE wanted to be the shit (literally) and so we had to come home to change a diaper. 

All of which leads to me to my next revelation: I want to walk a 5k! 

Now I just need to find one in cool weather!

A letter to the nutritionist

I go to the gym at least 5 times a week (M-F). Mondays and Wednesdays I do an hour of water aerobics. The other days I do about half an hour on the treadmill (just walking about 3 mph) and some weights. Usually I’m there for about an hour. If I don’t do the gym, I almost always walk at least a mile in my neighborhood. So I’m exercising a lot more than I used to! At some point, I’d like to work harder; I’m just not completely sure what to do.

Regarding feeling satisfied, I don’t really know. Some days, I feel like I pretty much eat protein bars/shakes/vitamins and not much else, then all of the calories are gone. I guess I don’t really feel hungry, but I also never really feel full. I think maybe twice I’ve eaten too much and wished I hadn’t, but those are the only times I really feel anything. 
As for food, here’s what I’ve had this week. 
Breakfast:1/2 Quest protein bar
Lunch: 1/3 of the insides (no bread/sauce) of a Wendys’ grilled chicken sandwich (chicken, tomato, lettuce) with some ranch dressing
Dinner: light egg salad (egg, light mayo, mustard), lettuce, Black bean crunchers (all adding up to about 1/4 cup)
vitamins, water, sunflower seeds (only about 20 seeds because I wanted something salty)
27g protein (way too low), 420 calories
Breakfast:1/2 Quest protein bar
Lunch: LifeChoice protein bar
Dinner: Chicken breast (grilled), mushrooms, green beans, light mozzarella cheese, Caesar salad (mostly chicken and lettuce – total 1/4 cup)
vitamins, water
43g protein, 463 calories
Breakfast: 1/2 Lifechoice protein bar
Lunch: Lifechoice protein bar
Dinner: Chicken breast (grilled), mushrooms, green beans, light mozzarella cheese, Caesar salad (mostly chicken and lettuce – total 1/4 cup)
vitamins, water, 1/3 serving hummus chips (40 calories/a little protein) 
44g protein, 550 calories
Breakfast: Lifechoice protein bar
Lunch: Chicken breast (grilled), mushrooms, green beans, (mostly chicken  – total 1/4 cup)
Dinner plans: Cheddar cheese, fat free refried beans, light sour cream, Mexican seasoning, maybe a little salsa, possibly some hummus chips so they taste like nachos. It’ll be 1/4 cup and mostly beans. 
29g protein + dinner, 332 calories + dinner
Those are pretty typical days. I was doing a shake every day (with milk or soy or almond milk), but I got SO sick of it. The protein bars seem to have about the same sugar/calories/protein, plus I get to chew them. The only thing I’m wishing I could have more of is salty stuff. Everything seems to be sweet vitamins/protein and bland chicken. Red meat still isn’t okay with my stomach and I don’t really eat fish, so chicken and beans it is!
Also, should I be eating more calories when I go to the gym, or still eat the same and just plan on working out every day? I know Myfitnesspal (app) exaggerates how many calories you burn, but there are days when it tells me my net calories are 200 or so! If that’s okay, then I’m okay with it, but I want to make sure I’m getting enough so I still lose weight. 
And I did get the iron problem sorted out (I think). What I was taking only had 27mg of iron, so I found another supplement. 
Thanks so much!

Sunday morning weightloss thoughts

I haven’t really lost any weight. STILL. I did weigh myself yesterday (237) without jeans and I’d lost a pound and a half. I put that on my tickers, because I needed some success, but it doesn’t feel like it really counts. I didn’t weigh myself today. Yet.

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m totally despairing. YET. I am noticing some changes in my body. My bones and muscles feel harder – that is, I can feel them in places I normally can’t. I especially notice on my shoulders and back. And I can reach places I couldn’t before on my back. My legs look a little slimmer to me. I can sit with my legs folded longer (and not have my feet fall asleep). My jaw line feels sharper. 

Plus I have more energy. I’m willing to do more things. I’m not always sleepy (unless I sit around a lot). I can walk further, survive water aerobics (and really look forward to it), make myself get up and do things or go places, even if there’s a lot of walking. 

Also, I feel more willing to do stuff around the house. I put away laundry this morning and didn’t mind at all. I went out and took care of chickens yesterday, and didn’t dread it. 

I think this whole thing is going to be so great! Not only will I feel better and look better, and get to wear cuter clothes (which, let’s face it, was my #1 reason for having surgery), but I may cure some of my laziness. 

Now, if I could find a way to enjoy grading essays, life would be great!

Let me tell you how much I hate(d) exercise

I NEVER would have gone to the gym 2 months ago. I would look for a way out of taking a walk, going somewhere hilly, even going back upstairs for something. I just always felt like it was so much effort to move. And no fun. 

So I can’t believe I ENJOY the gym now. What?? I seriously feel a little like this is a dream I’m having – where I can actually walk a couple miles and not hate life. Where I intentionally do crunches and take on classes I can only barely keep up with (classes that make me sweat, even though I’m in the water). 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting better sleep. Or if it’s because I’m taking vitamins and protein and getting close to all the nutrients I need. Or if it’s because my sugar is on track as is my blood pressure. Or if it’s because I’m 35 pounds lighter. I imagine it’s all of the above. 

But I actually like the gym. I never would have believed it a month ago. I mean, really. My plan was to walk some and hope that some day I was light enough that it wouldn’t kill me to walk. I was hoping to lose weight pretty much through diet alone. 


Go me!

Or even “go us!”

Today was the second water aerobics class. It was so much easier this time! I kept up the whole time. I did the pull ups and even held myself up for a while. I feel great (and tired and a little sore)!

So far, we’ve been to the gym every single day we’ve had a pass. 

I’ve walked over 20 miles (including what I walked outside of the gym).

I’ve done 120 minutes of water aerobics. 

I’ve lifted weights, done crunches, ridden the bike. 

For 7 days now, I’ve worked out as hard as I could every single day!

Go me!

Now, if only I could start losing weight again! It’s been a week at 239. I’m done with 239. I want to see 235, 230, 229! Come on scale, move already! Come on clothes, fit differently already. I’m working as hard as I can!

Know what’s a better workout than the gym??

Shearing branches off trees and bushes! My arms are weak!

To the gym? On a Saturday?

Jay and I both decided independently today that we might like to go to the gym. So we’re off for an hour or so – any minute now. I’m planning on taking it easy today – it’s Saturday, an optional day. And I’m tired. 

But I’m excited!


Also, I just had lunch: iceberg lettuce, turkey, hummus roll-ups. New info: I don’t like iceberg lettuce. I’m sad to have wasted a meal on something not very yummy. But I’m full, and there weren’t many calories, and it’s too late now. Plus, it’s only food. 

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