To Do List

Based on my reading, here’s some preparation for this coming week: questions I need to ask, tasks I need to complete, things I need to ponder…


  • Print adult intake forms and fill them out before Wednesday
  • Ask Dr. V (PCP) to change anti-depressant to something else. Non time-released and no negative sexual side-effects
  • Get Dr. V to call in referral for urgent care (not actually related, but I need to do it anyway)
  • Do I need a medical ID bracelet?
  • What kind of pain medicine will I be able to take? Tylenol and I don’t get along. I know nsaids are out, so what’s left?
  • Buy food.
  • Clean out baby food jars for lunches
  • Pack a bag for the hospital
  • Start low-carb diet (boo)
  • Ask about using stevia instead of other artificial sweeteners (it’s the only one that doesn’t make me sick)
  • For pureed foods, do you make them yourself? Is baby food ok? What “stage” of baby food is the right consistency?
  • Can the hospital finger sticks be done with my glucometer? I’m a baby about pricking my fingers.
  • When drinking water, does temperature affect anything at all?
  • Is Zyrtec ok?
  • Is soy or rice milk okay?
  • What kind of cheeses can I eat?
  • Can I put milk in my hot tea? I don’t drink either, but I’d like to learn to.
  • How am I going to measure all of this food? Is ounces weight or volume?
  • Will I always have to avoid drinking during a meal?
  • Will I ever eat sugar again?

Now all I have to do is put this list in my questions notebook. 

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!