I don’t think my meds are working…

I’m good right now, but I feel like my meds are not doing their job. I feel crazy at the slightest provocation. I lose my temper so easily. Things that I should be able to handle just make me…. arg!

I don’t know why it all the sudden it would stop working. Nothing has changed (other than my weight, I guess). SO the question is, do I talk to someone (Dr. S.)? Or do I try new meds (Dr. V)? I wouldn’t mind new meds, because I get really tired of the libido issues with mine. Heck, if I could go without I totally would. But I’m not even doing well WITH meds, so…


I also have to decide between a support group meeting I was planning on tonight (they have a plastic surgeon coming) or the gym. Wish I could do both. 

What to do??

I was told to crush ALL pills (even my 2mg pain pills) by my surgeon. When I saw how many people here were swallowing pills even in the hospital, I called and asked when I’d be able to start swallowing pills again. 

His response was “you can no longer do that.” So… Never?!

I’m taking Celexa which is amazingly horrible to crush and take. I’ve put it in everything, but the taste is overwhelming. I’m at the point where I don’t think I can continue to crush it. If I knew I’d only have to do it x more times, I might be able to power through, but I almost feel like it’s a choice of wean myself off and hope for the best or swallow it whole against my surgeon’s advice. 

So, would you swallow it? Is there some reason why my surgeon tells people never to swallow pills again but others can? Could he have done something different pouch-wise that would make a difference, or is he just overly cautious? What would you do in this situation?

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