Food Stuffs

Multivitamins and protein drinks are expensive! I guess they’re cheaper than food… but wow!

Here are some of the products I’m looking at:

Protein Drink

Chocolate and the cheapest for the volume: True Athelete – 22 servings for $20

Chocolate, lactose-free: Jay Robb – 11 servings for $23

More chocolate: Proventive – 11 servings for $28

Chocolate again! Healthy N Fit – 16 servings for $29


KAL: 60 for $12

TwinLab: 60 for $15

Chewy Bites: 60 for $13, but it comes in lots of flavors


TwinLab: 250 sublinguals


I’m thinking Flinstones… I’m having real trouble finding any adult ones without sucralose. Ick. Okay. Those are filled with Aspartame. You know what? This needs to happen another night. I made good progress, but I’m getting frustrated now.


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avabyrd has gastric bypass

The amazing shrinking girl!


The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!