Things I didn’t know 6 months ago

  1. It’s easier to shave your armpits… when you can see your armpits. 
  2. Same with legs
  3. Now that I can sit with my legs crossed, it’s the only comfortable way. 
  4. I have ribs, hips, knees, and knuckles. 
  5. You don’t lose weight all over – it happens first here, then there. 
  6. I have veins on the tops of my feet. 
  7. Sizes on smaller clothing varies a lot more than on larger clothing. I was a 24W consistently for years. But now, in a single trying-on session, I can wear a too-big 12 and a too small 16. 
  8. Tailbones are, quite literally, a pain in the ass. 
  9. There are so many foods I have never tried, simply because they don’t serve them at fast food places or fry them. 
  10. Pooping or not pooping can make quite a difference in your weight. 


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The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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