I don’t think my meds are working…

I’m good right now, but I feel like my meds are not doing their job. I feel crazy at the slightest provocation. I lose my temper so easily. Things that I should be able to handle just make me…. arg!

I don’t know why it all the sudden it would stop working. Nothing has changed (other than my weight, I guess). SO the question is, do I talk to someone (Dr. S.)? Or do I try new meds (Dr. V)? I wouldn’t mind new meds, because I get really tired of the libido issues with mine. Heck, if I could go without I totally would. But I’m not even doing well WITH meds, so…


I also have to decide between a support group meeting I was planning on tonight (they have a plastic surgeon coming) or the gym. Wish I could do both. 


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