Random Happy Thoughts

I just realized that I can “legally” sit in the chair we bought Teaspoon. It says it holds up to 225 pounds. I’m under that!

I was told at dinner that “today is the first day you look tiny.” I like those words!

Every time my dad sees me he says, “What’s up, skinny?” 

I wore leggings today. As pants. With a long shirt. 

I can sit on the floor comfortably for a long time. 

I can get back up when I’m done sitting there. 

I can pick stuff up off the floor without feeling awful afterward. 

I can carry Teacup easier now. He’s less heavy to me, and his little legs fit better on either side of my hip. I’m sure he appreciates it, too. 

I wasn’t even sad tonight when everyone else had a Klondike bar. 

I changed out almost every single item of clothing in my closet. There are fewer than half a dozen pieces of my old clothes left, plus some tees I decided to keep for working out and sleeping. 

My husband’s 5k shirt (XL) fits a WHOLE lot better than mine(XXL)!!

I cut my hair, and now I look 10 years younger. And my baby sister keeps telling me she loves it (and she’s 15, so that’s a big compliment, since I’m so old!)


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The amazing shrinking girl!

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