Cauliflower Protein “Bread”sticks FTW

I’ve only tasted a little bit off the knife I just used to slice them, so I can only tell you that, so far, they’re amazing!

Here’s what I used:

1 large bag of cauliflower (I didn’t think to look what size it was!)

2 large eggs (cage-free of course)

6 tbs protein powder (I use invisiwhey)

garlic and onion salt until it smelled “right”

mozzarella cheese (about 1/4 c in the recipe and then a generous layer on top)


Myfitnesspal tells me that the whole recipe would be

355 calories (10 breadsticks)

50 g of protein

12 carbs

13 g of fat


I may have 2 at dinner with my chili (if they’re half as good as they smell)

Hooray for strange food!


I find that I appreciate food a lot more now. I guess since I can’t have things, when I make something new or different, it’s really exciting! I also love to play around and see how much protein/calorie I can get in food!

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