Making it up as I go along – protein bars that don’t taste terrible

I’m so tired of protein shakes and protein bars. They don’t taste good. They’re a ton of calories – even the sugar free ones. Blech. Just no. 

So, I’m trying to make my own. 

Here’s my first attempt:

   1 banana (very ripe)

   1 cup oatmeal

   1 egg

   6 tbs Invisiwhey protein powder (unflavored)

   1.5 tbs stevia

Mix and bake until solid.

If I ate the whole batch (ha!) I’d have 528 calories and 45 grams of protein, 73 carbs and 12 grams of sugar (almost entirely from the banana. 

If these work out, next time I’m going to try more protein powder and maybe some craisins. I may even add milk. No fruit is technically on my list of approved foods, but I feel like the calories in the fruit are so much less than the calories in the stupid protein bars and drinks, plus I’m getting some actual nutrients, so I think it’s okay.

I’ll know in a few minutes if they’re any good!




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