Some milestones I can’t wait for!

* lose 50 pounds (224)

* get into the 100s 

* weigh 180 pounds – my high school/wedding weight

* wear pants under a size 20

* fit into the swimsuit I bought last year that’s too small

* buy new clothes

* wear regular sizes

* wear the clothes a friend gave me (10s and 12s)

* climb onto the boat by myself (I won’t know until next summer if I can do that)

* paint my toenails easily

* wear my wedding ring on my pointer finger

* comfortably ride a roller coaster

* go to the gym 15 times (4 more to go!)

* go to the gym 50 times

* be able to eat enough protein so I don’t have to do bars and shakes

* comfortably wear short necklaces

* get off the @(^#$!@ c-pap machine

* run for 5 minutes

* run for 10 minutes

* run for 20 minutes

*buy a bikini

*get rid of all of my clothes (except a few to compare)



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The amazing shrinking girl!

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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