Let me tell you how much I hate(d) exercise

I NEVER would have gone to the gym 2 months ago. I would look for a way out of taking a walk, going somewhere hilly, even going back upstairs for something. I just always felt like it was so much effort to move. And no fun. 

So I can’t believe I ENJOY the gym now. What?? I seriously feel a little like this is a dream I’m having – where I can actually walk a couple miles and not hate life. Where I intentionally do crunches and take on classes I can only barely keep up with (classes that make me sweat, even though I’m in the water). 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting better sleep. Or if it’s because I’m taking vitamins and protein and getting close to all the nutrients I need. Or if it’s because my sugar is on track as is my blood pressure. Or if it’s because I’m 35 pounds lighter. I imagine it’s all of the above. 

But I actually like the gym. I never would have believed it a month ago. I mean, really. My plan was to walk some and hope that some day I was light enough that it wouldn’t kill me to walk. I was hoping to lose weight pretty much through diet alone. 


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The amazing shrinking girl!

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