What I need to take – vitamin wise

18 mg iron

400 mcg folic acid

400 mcg selenium

400 mcg copper

400 mcg zinc

400 mcg A

400 mcg D

400 mcg E


1200mc calcium citrate

400-800 IU Vitamin D

500 mcg B12

40-65 mg iron with vitamin C (ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate)


That means…


My multivitamin isn’t actually all that great.

* no iron

* no selenium

* no copper

But I only have to take one dose instead of the 2 I’ve been taking


My calcium intake is good, but I should take 1 more, at least occasionally (oh, darn!)


My iron is 65 mg, but equivalent to 325 of ferrous sulfate. Don’t really get that, it has no vitamin C, AND it’s not the right kind, but I’m going to stick with it for now and see what my levels are next appointment.


My OTHER iron gives me 27mg of iron (no info on what kind) AND vitamin C, so I’ll take that, too.


B12 is good.


So, I’ll cut back on the vitamins, add another calcium, take the other stuff, and sometime look for selenium and zinc. I’m feeling better now that I know.

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