I did it! Again!

Jay and I (she’s the nanny) went to the gym again today! I was almost ready to cancel because I was so tired after work, but I’m glad we went. 

Yesterday, I did a mile on the treadmill (well, about 1.25 miles) and 3 miles on the stationary bike. Today, I didn’t get quite as far. I did 1/2 a mile on the treadmill (10 minutes) and over 3 miles on the bike. But I also did about 150 arm-weight thingies. Most were 30 pounds, but about 50-60 were 45. Holy cow, I’m going to be sore! THIS is what I used. 

Also, today when I put on my jeans, they weren’t tight! In fact, they were bordering on loose! What??! And Mr. Byrd says I’m smaller. Good day!

Now I have to find some dinner… and maybe some ice. 


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The amazing shrinking girl!

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