Walk tonight and musings. Maybe even a pic!


I THINK I’m losing weight. It’s finally coming off below my belly button. FINALLY. 

I’ve been walking a lot to try to speed things up (and get in the habit). Tonight I took another mile walk (almost – it was actually .91 miles, but it was SO dark!) Tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow) I’m going to get some weights and see if I can find something to do with my arms. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m most afraid of loose skin there. 

As for food, I had lunch meat, cheese, and a quarter of an avocado today. I had an egg for lunch. I feel hungry. I’m sure it’s thirst and head hunger, but I really want more salt. I may have to make something for my 3rd meal. 

Or I may have pudding. Yup, I made chocolate pudding! It’s not perfect. I need more practice. AND it took 2 days to get it setup. But it tastes rich, sweet, and delicious, and it’s practically calorie free. The only things is has are milk and butter. Everything else is calorie-free. 

One last thought: tomorrow is my appointment with the surgeon and nutritionist. I’m sure I’ll have an update afterward!

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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