Let’s set some goals

When it rains, it pours post-wise. I never seem to post just once. 

Anyway, I think I need to record some goals and rewards. I have them in my head already, but…

1. At 50 lbs gone, I’m  going to have a strip of my hair dyed red. Just one. Kind of on the under-side. I’m very excited about this (little) victory. 

2. At 100 lbs gone, I’m going to get my owl tattoo. Still don’t know where or what it’ll look like, but I’m going to do it then!

3. The first time I go down a size (which should be soon, right??), I’m going to buy a few clothes at a retail store. My plan for most clothes will probably be Ross or the thrift store – until I’m down to my final weight. Otherwise, I’ll spend a fortune changing sizes. But the first time, I’m going to buy something cute.

I’m excited about all of these things. Very much so!

So, now I’m drinking a protein shake, and not cheating, and planning a walk for when it gets a little cooler this evening. I’m 22 lbs down. Sometime soon, I should need smaller clothes, right?

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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