I cooked too much.

I don’t mean I made a meal and it was too large; I mean I made too many meals. 

After yesterday’s post about things I could eat, I got hungry for different food. So I made some. Now in the fridge, I have 7 meals. I guess that means I don’t have to cook again until Tuesday!

Right now, I have 2 containers of egg salad (hard-boiled egg, little bit of light mayo, onion powder), 2 containers of Mexican beans (FF refried beans, fiesta lime seasoning, ff sour cream, low fat cheese), a hard-boiled egg awaiting a decision, and at least 2 meals of lemon pepper chicken. PLUS I have most of a container of ff cottage cheese. I usually eat that for breakfast or have a little with my chicken. Oh! AND I bought lunch meat to mix in with things like eggs. Or maybe to eat with cottage cheese. 

SO MUCH FOOD! Unfortunately, it all sounds so good, I want to eat it now! And I just got up from lunch (beans). I made myself a large wine glass of protein shake (dressing it up makes it taste better), and I’m going to do some work. Hopefully, I’ll forget about food for at least a couple hours.

Then I can have dinner. 


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