I didn’t eat breakfast. What I had for dinner. I love iron.

I still felt sick from last night today. I skipped breakfast. But when I drank my protein shake, I felt better. And by lunch, I actually wanted to eat. So that’s good. 

When I got home, I fell asleep for almost 3 hours. I was disappointed when I woke up, but I probably needed it. 

For dinner, I had 2 tbsp of turkey chili with sour cream and cheese. It was very satisfying. I ate it all. 

I guess that’s what I’m having for lunch tomorrow, since I put some away. At least leftovers are easy now!

In a bit, I’m having some jello and kool-aid. Hopefully I’ll keep it down tonight!

Oh, which brings me to my last point: my iron supplement is DELICIOUS! I look forward to eating it. It’s like dessert!

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