Eating lunch at work

I had leftovers today for lunch. More beans and various toppings. Very yummy. And I think I’m actually full. Of course, it’s really hard to get used to not drinking while you eat. I’m so thirsty! But I can drink in… 20 minutes. 

Anyway, this week, eating at work is no big deal. I have an hour or more to eat; it takes me about 1/2 that. But when the kids get back, it’ll be a challenge! We get 22 minute lunches. But that includes getting the kids down to the cafeteria and settled, dealing with any kid-issues, and getting them to clean up and line up to go back. So I actually get about 10 minutes to actually eat. Some days, maybe 15. I guess my actual eating time will have to be in class. Fun!

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The amazing shrinking girl!

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