Another rough one

“You won’t be hungry”

“You won’t crave carbs”

Maybe that’ll be true once I can eat, but at the moment I think I’ll label these “lies my surgeon told me.” 

I’ve been so hungry today – miserably so. My family had chili dogs. I tried my hardest not to cry. 

I tried to make some new food today – something different, but it was a disaster. Tomato soups all have sugar or corn syrup added to them; bet you didn’t know that! So I tried to make my own, but it was horrible. I don’t recommend it!

I’ve had only 1 protein shake today – and I didn’t quite finish it. I just don’t want anything sweet. I did take my multivitamin and my iron. I did have my shot and my antidepressant. I did get out of the house. 

But I’m still feeling down, really, really down. I know this won’t last long. I KNOW that. I know that once I eat again, I’ll be better. But right now? Every hour hurts.

And speaking of hurts, my shoulder has been killing me for a couple days now. Husband can rub it really hard (I have a bruise) and make it better for a few hours, but it comes back. I don’t think I’m doing anything to it, so what’s up? Stress?

To try to ignore everything, I’ve been working, but now I’m at a road block. So, I have to find something new, or maybe just go to bed.

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