Almost there. (8-6)

In 12 1/2 hours I’ll be leaving my house for surgery! I am officially overwhelmed and stressed. 

Tonight, I still have to:

  • give senior photos to W (I took his pictures this weekend)
  • go to a piercer and have my cartilage piercing taken out and replaced with a plastic one
  • take off my toe rings and everything else metal on me
  • pack a bag for the hospital
  • find loose-fitting clothes to take with me
  • cry a little

I also found out yesterday that I do indeed have sleep apnea. Joy! So I picked up my CPAP machine today and get to use it for the first time tonight. Maybe it’ll be better. It was awesome (not) today at the office when I was picking it/learning how to put it on. 



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The amazing shrinking girl!

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