Sleep study part one

Tuesday, I went to the first appointment with he pulmonologist for my sleep study. They were a little horrified that my surgery is so close. I think they usually have a much longer window to get things done. She wanted me to spend the night there, but that was not possible, for which I’m kind of glad. How would I ever sleep there?

Instead, they did a very thorough exam of my upper body, had me fill out a 30 page survey that took almost an hour, and scheduled an at-home sleep study for Monday. I guess I go Monday, get the equipment to track my sleep, learn how to put it all on, then come back Tuesday and return it so they can look at the data. She seems to think its likely that I have sleep apnea. I hadn’t ever thought about it, so either I’ve just been totally ignorant (kind of likely) or she just sees it everywhere.

I did learn some interesting things, though. The reason they’re so concerned is because of the risk of respiratory issues after surgery. Apparently people with sleep apnea are at higher risk. Then there’s the fact that they numb your diaphragm during surgery, which increases risk, and the issue of note breathing deeply because you hurt-just all kinds of breathing issues. Now, what they’ll do to counteract any of that in the ONE DAY between getting results and having surgery, I don’t know, but more power to ’em.

I also learned that my tonsils have almost completely grown back! Creepy!

So while that was my longest appointment so far, it wasn’t all that useful. But I am getting really good at surveys!

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