Pcp appointment

Okay, going back to Monday. I had my appointment with my pcp to get medical clearance for surgery. I don’t think he was thrilled I was having it, but he cleared me! He also changed some meds and started me on some new ones (boo!)

So, my blood pressure was high, and now I’m on hydrochlorothiazide and potassium. I’m not thrilled about this at all, but I’m hopeful that I’ll only be on it for a very, very short time. I also had to have my meteor in charged from the time released 750mg pills to something that could be crushed. So now I take 500mg tabs, break them in half and take 250mg 3 times a day.

According to the pharmacist, my citalopram is crushable already, so I guess that’s good.

Complete list of daily meds:
20mg citalopram for depression and anxiety (mostly so that if I spill something or forget to do something or burn dinner, I don’t burst into tears and have to crawl back in bed).
250mg metformin 3x/day for blood sugar
12.5mg hydrochlorothiazide for blood pressure
Potassium to replace the potassium I lose with the hydroblahblahblah
Soon to add a multivitamin, b12, iron, and calcium
And protein shakes

Other than new meds and a checkup, my doctor gave me the necessary referrals for my other checks, told me my lungs were clear, my stomach normal, my gallbladder healthy, and my liver, as expected, somewhat large. I see him again in three weeks.

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