A hiccup

Hopefully we’re past the point where this could be bad, but yesterday was ROUGH. I got sick last week on Tuesday – just a sore throat. I thought I had allergies. But by Tuesday night, it was the worst sore throat I have EVER had. Terrible. Wednesday and Thursday I was at the lake and MISERABLE. I kept thinking I’d take some Advil, have a rest and feel better. No luck. I didn’t sleep. I coughed. My ear got completely plugged. My head ached. I didn’t sleep. 

By Saturday, I was panicking. What if I had bronchitis or pneumonia? What if my surgery couldn’t happen?

I went to Urgent Care and they checked me out (they’re never very warm and friendly there. I hate going). Turns out, no strep, no bronchitis, no pneumonia. I have some kind of infection, but minor, and a cold. They gave me antibiotics and Fluconazole for the imminent yeast infection. I’m on day 2 of antibiotics now, and I feel a lot better.

Of course, some of that is due to the fact that I found some Vicodin left over from something or other. It was the only thing that helped my throat at all. I’ve been doing Advil (prescription strength) and warm drinks, and cold sorbet, and cold medicine or Mucinex, and STILL being miserable.

I guess this is good practice for being miserable. a little over a week until surgery!

Oh, I forgot the best two parts! For one thing, I’m too miserable and sick to hold Teacup, so his dad has had to do everything. I feel horribly guilty!

And a side effect of the cold from Hell – laryngitis! I have NO voice. I barely squeak and can only do that inconsistently. I was banned from talking for 24 hours, and since I still can’t talk, I’m extending that until the morning. 

I NEED to be better tomorrow though. I have doctor appointments starting at 8 am!

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