What to eat…

I found a cool site that has some sample menus. So, here’s what I can eat (after 8 weeks or so of mushy stuff). This all comes from this site


½ cup fat-free cottage cheese
8 oz. skim or 1% milk
Sip 16 oz. of water or non-caloric beverage throughout the morning
3oz. lentil soup or chili (slightly mashed)
Sip 16 oz. of water or non-caloric beverage throughout the afternoon
¼ cup scrambled egg (needs to be ‘runny’)
¼ cup Greek yogurt
8 oz. skim or 1% milk
Sip 16 oz. of water or non-caloric beverage throughout the evening
I like most of those things!
Let’s see what else there is…

¼ c. low-fat cottage cheese
¼ c. diced peaches

1-2 thin slices each lean deli turkey breast & 1 slice reduced-fat Swiss cheese, rolled (with 1 T. light mayonnaise if necessary)

¼ c. scrambled Eggbeaters® (moist)
2 oz. reduced-fat shredded cheddar
¼ c. diced pears

¼ c. canned chicken
(made with 2 tablespoon plain fat-free yogurt)

2 thin slices lean deli ham
2 thin slices reduced-fat cheese
1 T. mustard

½ c. chili w/ beans
2-3 whole grain crackers


2 slices turkey sausage

¼-½ c. oatmeal



½ c. hummus

¼ c. fresh dipping veggies (cherry tomatoes, celery, red peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc)



3 oz. shredded pot roast with low fat gravy

¼ c. cooked carrots



½ c. fat-free, artificially sweetened yogurt (any flavor)

¼ c. mixed fresh berries



¼-½ c. salad greens

2 oz. chicken strips

2 Tbsp. Italian dressing



2oz. tender pork loin

¼ baked sweet potato w/ 1 T. light margarine


The following foods may be difficult to eat, especially for the first few months:

  • Tough meats – dry, gristly meats may be difficult to digest. Meats (chicken, steak, burger, ham) should be moist and cut into very small pieces about the size of a pencil eraser. Go slowly.
  • Bread – fresh, doughy bread can form a ball and “gum up” the opening from the stomach
  • Pasta – pasta may form a paste and be more difficult to pass
  • Seeds and skins of fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, fibrous vegetables like corn, asparagus, and celery
  • Nuts and peanut butter

There are so many good resources on that site! Hopefully they’re accurate based on what they tell me next week. At least it gives me an idea of what I may be eating come a couple months from now. 


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