Wow, Ava, You sure are posting a lot today!

Well, I have a lot to say. And since I am familiar with the term tl;dr, I thought I’d break it up a little. This post will be a facts post. Here’s what’s going on so far. 

I had my meeting with the doctor and he explained all of the types of surgery and just gave me general information. It wasn’t all that great, because I’d done my research and pretty much knew everything he was telling me. What I didn’t know was that they (at least at my doctor’s office) really don’t do the band procedure anymore. Apparently they don’t find them very effective, since your stomach is still the same – just a little slower. 

That was last Friday (the 12th). 

This week, after finally getting the financing together (which was a nightmare as my insurance won’t cover any of this), I went back for my “Initial Bariatric Appointment.” Basically, I met with the doctor again. He recommended gastric bypass as the type of surgery we’d do. He told me about bypass surgery again, took a brief medical history, and recommended a sleep study. I spoke with Linda again about scheduling and promised to bring in a check on Monday. Then I filled out a ton of paperwork. 

Monday, I have to take a check to the doctor (a $17,000 check). At that point, they should be able to tell me every appointment I need between now and then. And then we start!

What I think I’m having done between now and then:

Blood Work (probably to include an A1C and cholesterol check)



Pap Smear

Sleep Study

I think they said something about an X-ray. 

So I guess I will know more on Monday than I do now. 


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The amazing shrinking girl!

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